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 CBSE Value Based Questions class IX SA2
 CBSE has introduced value based questions in main subjects. These questions carry 3-5 marks.The students after answering the question, write about the value (moral etc.) involved.

Question 91401.   Prince a class IX student received cash award of Rs. 10,000 in a singing competition. His father advised him to made a budget plan for spending this amount. He made following plan.

 Donation Rs1000
 Tution fee to needy child
 Welfare of street children
 Saving Rs4000
 Picnic for family
 Gift to grand parents
 Tea party to friends
 Total Rs10000

Construct a bar graph for the given data.

How will you rate his budget plan? What are the values depicted in his plan?
Question 90401. In a village primary school enrolment of girls has triped this year as compared to last year. Considering this year’s enrolment as ‘x’ and previous year’s enrollment as y :
(a) Form a linear equation for this information.
(b) Represent the situation graphically.
(c) What is the value depicted here ?

Question 90402. On his daughter's birthday Sachin distributed chocolates in an old age home. He gave 3 chocolates to each inmate and 10 chocolates to the helpers. Taking number of inmates as x and total chocolates distributed as y.
(a) Form a linear equation.(b) If she distributed 154 chocolates how many inmates are there in the old age home ?(c) Explain the value depicted here by Sachin.

Question 90403. Rahul hires an taxi to cover a certain distance. The fare is Rs. 20 for first km and Rs. 12 for subsequent kilometers. Taking total distance covered as x km and total fare as y : (a) Write a linear equation for this.  (b) The man covers a distance of 12 km and gave Rs. 200 to the taxi driver. Taxi driver said'It is not the correct amount’and returned him the balance. Find the correct amount paid back by the taxi driver. (c) Which value is depicted here by the taxidriver?
Question 90404. In a ‘‘Clean own locality drive’’ residents of certain locality joined together to clean their locality. Participation of children was 50 more
than that by adults. Taking y as number of adults and x as number of children.
(a) Form a linear equation.   (b) What values are depicted here ?


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