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 CBSE Value Based Questions class IX
 CBSE has introduced value based questions in main subjects. These questions carry 3-5 marks.The students after answering the question, write about the value (moral etc.) involved.

 Question 1. A triangular plot has sides of 9m, 40m and 41 m. In this triangular park there is a triangular portion of perimeter 30m which is to be covered with trees. The ratio of sides of this portion is 5:12:13. The portion of the plot between two triangular portions is to be covered with grass. Find the area (a) covered with trees  (b) covered with grass. Write the value involved?
Answer1. Download Here


Question 2. Two classmates Ravi and Anil simplified two different expressions during the revision hour and explained to each other their simplifications. Ravi explains simplification of and Anil explains simplifications of . Write both the simplifications. What value does it depict?
Question 3. Shanky  was facing some difficulty in finding the value of ( a + 1/a) given . His classmate Priya gave him a clue to rationalise the denominator. Ravi evaluated and thanked Priya for this goodwill. How did Ravi evaluate? What value does it indicate?



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