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 CBSE Value Based Questions class X
 CBSE has introduced value based questions in main subjects. These questions carry 3-5 marks.The students after answering the question, write about the value (moral etc.) involved.

 Question 1. Amit scored 70 marks in a test, gets 4 marks for each right answer and loses 1 mark for each wrong answer. Had 5 marks been awarded for each right answer and two marks deducted for each wrong answer, he would have scored 10 marks more. Find number of questions in the test. Also write the value involved.
Answer 1. Download Answer


Question 2. Monthly Electricity Bill is generated on the following basis. For the first 100 units there is a fixed charge after which each unit is charged at a particular rate. Households P and Q consume 780 units and 240 units respectively. Household P incurs an electricity bill of Rs. 3800 whereas, Q of same family size and same area incurs an electrical appliances. Calculate the fixed charge and rate per unit thereof. Write the value observed.

Question 3. 6 retired nurses, 8 retired doctors and 10 retired teachers are willing to render free services to a village. Each of doctor, teacher and nurse serves equal number of different persons in that village.Find least number of persons served by each. Also Suggest the value of services.

Question 4. Vishal donated some books and pens to a school for poor children. Books and pens can be represented by zeroes p and q of polynomial x2 – x – 2. Vishal’s brother Prince is inspired by him. He also donates books and pens in form of a polynomial whose zeroes are 1 + 2p and 1 + 2q. Find the polynomial represented by Prince’s donation. Why Prince got inspired by Vishal?



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